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Minimalism: Fashion Is The Perfect Way To Practice

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Minimalism: Fashion Is The Perfect Way To Practice

If you're any kind of true fashionista, you've noticed a trend in recent years within celebrity fashion circles, and most likely your own; minimalism is in!

What's The Dealio?

There are soooo many good reasons to be a minimalist when it comes to fashioning and forging forward with a wardrobe strategy. First, and foremost, your wallet is going to thank you. Yes, it's true that some of Kanye West's plain green sweaters retail in the thousands of dollars' range, but you aren't going to want to wear a ripped up sweater in 2017, sorry Mr. West.

Another HUGE reason that a minimalist approach to fashion is A-OK with us, and should be A-OK with you, is the POWER it will give you. You have so many creative freedoms you can incorporate into your look when you keep your wardrobe pieces in the minimalist zone! Complimenting your look with color pops from pieces of jewelry, colorful shoes and sneaks, and your make-up are fun and unique ways that you can establish yourself as a fashion-forward thinking individual with TONS of style.

Think about how sleek and sexy men and women look in timeless solid-colored t-shirts and jeans. Rocking a bold color sneaker or rugged boot with your favorite dressed down outfits is going to make you feel like a million bucks. Minimalism works well in the professional space too, and nothing is sexier than a nice fitting suit or skirt and blouse. Once you start thinking of accessories and the ease in which you can approach building a minimal, yet fashionable wardrobe, you'll get excited by the possibilities that keeping it simple will open you up to!

Quality Over Quantity, Always!

We don't kid when we mention the fashionable power of a plain white t-shirt and nice pair of jeans. Although, the key to success is definitely the fit of the clothing you have in your wardrobe. You can't expect to achieve an appearance you're genuinely happy with if your clothing is sticking-to and falling-off in the wrong places.

Many people think that clothing that fits well has to be expensive, and this is simply not the case. I've found many of my favorite pairs of Levis at the local thrift store, and a nice plain t-shirt is going to cost you about $10-20 dollars. While it's true that some pieces of a minimalist wardrobe could cost a bit more, especially when you're dressing for success in business or attending a formal party, you really only need to invest in a few high-quality pieces. Once you train your eyeballs and emotions to be excited about your minimalist approach to fashion, you'll open yourself up to mixing and matching your favorite pieces, and giving things flare with accessories.

 Recycling Matters

It is understandable when minimalists get sick of wearing a piece, it happens. It's important to keep things fresh and switch it up every once in a while, BUT REMEMBER, waste not, want not.

When you donate pieces of your wardrobe to charities and friends, you again open yourself up to new possibilities. Not only do you free up space in your closet for more clothing, you also free up space in your mind's eye for creating new looks!


Options are good, but you don't need to clutter up your life with unnecessary pieces of wardrobe. Timeless minimalist looks are a great way to inspire confidence and creativity within yourself and others, and you don't have to invest a lot of money into your looks to be successful.

Now is the perfect time to get busy minimizing. STAY TRUE aspiring minimalist fashionistas, stay true ...


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